Pundits Dark Chocolate

Pundits Dark Chocolate

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Our 86% Vegan Dark Chocolate is rich and powerful yet delicately sweet. Unlike other dark chocolates with high cocoa content ours is just right without tasting bitter.


Ingredients – Cocoa mass (40%); Dietary fibre (dextrin, inulin, oligofructose); Cocoa butter; Stevia (Steviol glycosides); Sweetener: erythritol; Fat-reduced cocoa powder; Soya lecithin; Natural vanilla flavouring

Nutritional Information
Calories (Kcal)            463
Protein (g)                   6
Carbohydrates (g)      17
Of which Sugars (g)   2
Fat (g)                           38
Sat Fat (g)                    23
Fibre (g)                       33
Salt (g)                          0

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