Ghee Easy

Ghee Easy

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The best fat for frying in is Ghee! Of course we can’t be objective about this but really, ghee is fantastic stuff. It tastes great, with a subtle nutty flavour. Thanks to its high smoke point (the temperature at which fat starts to smoke in the pan) of 250°C it is excellently suited for frying, browning and stir-frying at high temperatures.


Ghee is a pure form of clarified butter. This cooking oil has a great taste and a very high smoke point of to 250°C/480 °F. According to the Indian Ayurveda, ghee is beneficial for your health.

Table of Nutritional Information

Energy: 3681kJ/
Fat: >99,5g
Saturated: 62.5%
Carbohydrates: <0,5g
Sugars: <0,5g
Protein: <0,5g
Salt: <0,5g