Why I Chose Keto

Posted on by Hannah Joyce

While I find myself with a spare moment on the way to a health food expo in London I thought I would give you all a little insight as to why I chose to do the keto diet.

For me it took a long time to even take the diet seriously. I had tried MANY others, the drop a dress size in 2 weeks cereal diet, cabbage soup diet, weight watchers and slimming world (twice!) and while I will admit I did loose a considerable amount with slimming world, I found it a bit tedious. Where you are promised support in group, I found it was simply a social gathering for the over 50’s and that wasn’t what I signed up for. I also found whilst being on Slimming world it was very easy to fall off the wagon. Where you were given your daily allowance of ‘Syns’ I would use these up on sweets and biscuits and inevitably go over said allowance. 

I needed a diet that needed me to be more strict, cut out everything I would find myself gorging on daily.

My husband was on the keto diet for 6 months in 2017 and lost an unbelievable 2 and a half stone, and while I was proud of him I was also a little resentful that I wasn’t seeing the same effects on my diet. I also just didn’t understand it, how could eating fat help you loose fat? And at the start of his diet I told him it would never work, how wrong I was! 

After we got married in August 2017 and had a few months off dieting completely I decided to take the plunge and join him on keto. The first few days were horrendous, I didn’t realise how much rubbish I ate until I was no longer allowed it, and with having a 2 year old son, not being able to enjoy a treat with him was one of the hardest parts. But I stuck to it, and I’m so pleased I did, in my first week I lost 7 pounds, and while I know this was mainly water weight I was still impressed and I was now used to the kinds of foods I was allowed, luckily for me I didn’t suffer with the dreaded keto flu, and so I stuck to it. I stuck to it harder than any other diet I’d tried before. I found myself having more energy and even looking forward to meal planning. 

And while I’m in no way going to sit here and lie that I am now still 100% on plan, (as I am not!) I actually enjoyed the keto diet more than any other diet, and while yes it is a huge lifestyle change, I loved the new person I was seeing in the mirror, friends and family quickly noticed me changing and that is what I loved the most, yes I had weeks where I stalled and was so angry, but I got over it and carried on.

Currently, I am not finding the right head space to throw myself back into keto, which I hate, but now I am seeing all my pounds creep back on I am finding myself pushing hard to get back on the keto bandwagon, and in all honesty, I cant wait!

This weekend as I’ve mentioned I’m attending the health foods expo in London, to find new and exciting products for the store, not only to excite you but to also excite me back into the diet, so know that while you may struggle with some of the food on the diet, we are with you too, all the foods on our store have been hand selected and tried by us. 

So keep an eye out on all our social media over the next few days as I will no doubt be posting many pictures of new products we’re looking to bring you.

For now, goodbye

Hannah x

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