We Have Moved!

Posted on by Hannah Joyce

So as the title says, we have recently had a move!

We started the store over a year a go now and it slowly grew in our kitchen. It grew so much we struggled to move and so we made the decision to get our first office premises.

This means a few things:

1. We can hold more stock, so hopefully your favourite items shouldn't go out of stock.

2. As we can hold more stock we can stock more lines. This week alone we have over 5 new lines coming to the store. So please do get in touch if there is something you want us to sell. From the U.K or abroad, we will do our best to stock what our customers want.

As promised in the coming months (Hopefully just before Christmas, or just after) we will be launching a Low Carb section for those who don't want to fully follow Keto but still want to maintain a low Carb diet.

Sorry to mention Christmas, but new Christmas lines will also be gracing our shelves soon, so keep an eye out for those for all your keto related presents!

We also just want to mention Social Media, we post all our new products, Product of the week, Competitions, Sales and offers on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow us on both of them to get the best of what we have to offer.

Finally, all orders placed during our move have now been dispatched and we are completely up to date so we are now back to our normal order turn around. Thank you all again for you patience during a very busy and hectic time.

For now that's everything!



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