Keto friendly in Hospital

Well you know what they say, "it never rains, but it pours" this blog is coming to you from the side of my sons hospital bed, unfortunately our 2 year old broke his femur bone and so for the next 3-6 weeks my keto shop will be based at his bedside.

Firstly do not fear, all orders will still be sent promptly and on time, as me and my husband are taking turns with staying with him and taking care of the business. so do not fear.

Secondly, new products are still being arranged for you, we have quite a large launch planned for June so be sure to keep and eye on all social media for what that is, you will LOVE it!!!!

And todays third and final point, has anyone ever successfully had a hospital stay and stayed on keto?? as we are on a children's ward we don't get fed, and so have to bring our meals in daily, and its safe to say we are finding this increasingly difficult, our main problem is we have no access to a kitchen here, and so everything has to be cold and pre made, snacking isn't as tough, we have nuts, cheese the usual suspects but if you have any ideas for chilled meals please please let us know as we would love to expand on what we are currently making.

For now that is all from me :)

Hannah x


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