Finally a good summer!....(and a little stock update)

Posted on by Hannah Joyce

Well well well, haven't we been having the best weather!?!?

Here in Blackpool it has been so lovely, maybe even a little too hot and I cannot remember the last time I said that. A little update on our son, we are now out of hospital and he is recovering very well!

Now as much as the warm weather is wonderful, it has been proving a little difficult for posting your chocolate treats, we have had an email or two regarding chocolate melting and we have caught up with those, and we will now be posting all meltable products with cooling packs in the hope of saving your goodies. We are however experiencing a small delay with products being sent to us for the same reason but we are working with our suppliers to get products as soon as possible.

Moon Cheese! yes it has been out of stock for a little while now, this was taken completely out of our hands as our most recent delivery was returned back to the U.S by customs. (we have no idea why, as all our other deliveries have come through fine) but do not fear, IT WILL BE BACK!! we are working with the shipping company as we speak and we are expecting it back in stock in the next week or two!

Keto & Co Hot breakfasts proved a big hit with you all and that will be back in stock by the end of the week! WooHoo!

As always, new products will be landing in the store next week, so be sure to look out for that.

The last store related item, Free'ist sweet products, as our instagram followers will know we made the decision to remove all the products from our store as the items weren't agreeing with some of our customers and some were experiencing sugar spikes, this item was just simply not researched enough, and so for that we took it off our shelves.

And finally.....after a small (pretty large actually) break from keto, and a huge weight gain thanks to hospital food my husband and I are back on the keto train, and so we are hoping to let you know our progress as the weeks go on, and maybe one day we'll share a before and after picture......Maybe!

If you want to share any recipes, success stories or even what made you fail, please do, email us at

For now, that is all.

Hannah x

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