Falling off the wagon!

Posted on by Hannah Joyce

Ok, so todays post is about something we may of all done, but that we're maybe not to ready to talk about.....Falling off the wagon!

Dieting and lifestyle changes are hard, lets not beat around the bush, and some of us may find it a little harder to stick to such strict rules 100% of the time. Maybe theres a special occasion coming up, Maybe theres a bank holiday revolving entirely around chocolate (ahem easter!) for some of us there always seems to be something. I will be the first to admit I've spent more days off the wagon than I have on!

Last month I had my birthday where celebrations dragged out for nearly a month, and so my main excuse would be "oh well I'm cheating at the weekend so this week is pointless" and by the end of the month I was back up to my starting weight! So then came emotional eating, eating because I felt bad about how much Id been eating!?!?! Why do we do it to ourselves?!

My husband is the opposite, he can wake up and be like ok today is the day I start again, and just like that he's back on track! I need at least a weeks build up, a week to say goodbye to foods I'll miss, does anyone else feel the need to do this?? Living with someone who can pick up a diet so easily doesn't always help, yes he's great for when I need a little motivation but if I end up failing and he continues to loose weight it gets hard for me! and yes you guessed it, I'll end up eating more.

Doing the Keto Diet is the only one where I've felt good about myself, and trust me I've tried plenty of diets, and I am looking forward to the day I'm ready to start again, I'm just lacking in that first huge motivational push, so do you have any tips? Anything you say to yourself on day 1? or do you change anything in your home? bin all bad foods? I want to hear from you!!  Talking about the days you may not of done so well may be hard for some, but I'm hoping now I've paved the way a few more of you may share your stories with me!

Email me any of your stories to contact@myshopshop.co.uk

Hannah x


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